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Argentina investment database(BaPIP)

Fecha de actualización: 22/08/2012

The Productive Investment Opportunities Database (BaPIP, for its acronym in Spanish) is an online portfolio of investment projects, representing a compilation of the diverse opportunities available to investors who want to participate in one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

Investments from US$1 million; in almost every productive sector; representing diverse forms, from knowledge exchange to joint ventures; throughout the country: BaPIP provides visitors with a unique, panoramic view of the investment opportunities in every productive sector throughout the country open to foreign and national investors alike.

Investors from around the world can view the opportunities via its website where they will find additional contact information if they identify an opportunity of interest.

BaPIP was created and implemented as a tool to match projects with investors interested in investing in Argentina. In addition, it marks Argentina’s commitment to creating a gateway for national and international investors who want to be a part of this growing, dynamic economy.

We invite you to explore our website to:
• Find investment opportunities in Argentina;
• Contact the project owners
• Close deals and build strategic partnerships

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